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2014 Australian F18 Nationals Report

2014 Australian F18 Nationals Report

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Port Phillip Bay put on a great week of sailing with the first two days of racing  being in big waves and plenty of breeze, 3 and 4 races a day on 1.6 mile beats saw the fleet really get to stretch it’s legs and work hard on speed. The racing was amazingly tight for such big courses.
The new Capricorns now sporting Innovation Sails found some speed and were well in the mix, with Taylor Booth and James Weirzbowski tied for second after 7 races and the first mixed team of Chris and Pip in 6th overall.

Third day saw a light race in the morning and the breeze really all over the place, Taylor and Chris with bad first beats blasted from the nearly dead last to the front with a 4 and 7, after lunch three long races in 10 to 14 kts in flat water and the the Capricorns were in the front again and taking the battle to the Nacra Infusion World Champ Adam Beatie, Brett Burvil on his Edge and the Goodalls on there C2. Grant and Neil on there Capricorn where also right up the pointy end of the fleet.

In all it was the first time we have raced in a regatta with our new sails and the speed we got straight up really encouraged us to work harder and by regattas end the boat was showing “world class speed”. We are still learning and have a few more changes and tricks to play with but we are now very confident we have a very fast F18 on our hands.

































Images by Chris Caines & AUS F18 Association