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The 2014 Capricorn Challenge, New Caledonia

The 2014 Capricorn Challenge, New Caledonia

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We are excited and pleased to announce the in-augural Capricorn Challenge – Formula 18 South Pacific Championships 2014 to be held on New Calendonia – Noumea.

Noumea was the birth place of the original Capricorn – arguably the biggest step forward in F18 after the Hobie Tiger. All F18 since Martin Fisher created the Capricorn have been just improvements and developments from that ground breaking design.

The event is organised by Catamaran Club Nouméa (CCN).

The plan is for 5 days of racing – 3 days of traditional Windward – Leeward, followed by a 2 RAID up and down the coast.

We are in the process of securing a sponsor both from Noumea and Australia. At this time transport will be two weeks there and back.

The planned dates are 30th August – 1st week of September, 7th September.

Notice of race below.

Notice of Race

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